In general, haptic devices can be categorized as impedance-type or admittance-type devices, based on the device characteristics and the control schemes used. Impedance-type devices are generally back drivable, operated open-loop, can easily render low inertia and low stiffness and generally have less output force. Contrary to this, admittance-type devices are generally non-back drivable, operated closed-loop, used to render high inertia and high stiffness and can generally render high output forces. In this area of research we study the associated challenges in the performance evaluation of admittance type haptic devices and developing suitable models to that can be used as a tool to predict device behavior and  the limiting factors.

Recent Work

We are grateful for the support of

  • Wisconsin Innovation & Economic Development Research Program (IEDR)
  • National Science Foundation (prior to coming to UW-Madison)


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