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Software Libraries Used

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Fast Light Tool Kit

FLTK is an open source library supplied under GNU license. The library provides
the framework for setting up a GUI. This library is extensivly used in many
courses thought in Engineering and Computer Science here at UW-Madison. This
libray also provides functionality for OpenGL.

Setting up FLTK Tutorials

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Intel Image Processing Library

Intel recently replaced their image processing library with a new version called the
Intel Intergrated Performance Primitives (IPP).

The IPL/IPP provides a very good data structure for handling images. Many of the
basic image processing tasks have been implemented, optimized specifically for Intel
Processor architecture.

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Open Computer Vision Library

The OpenCV library is an open source library distributed by Intel under BSD License.
It is available from

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Template Numerical Toolkit

The TNT library is an open source library used for scientific computing in C++.
The library defines data structures for multidimensional arrays and sparse matrices,
used in applications involving numerical methods.

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The tiff Library

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Links to other tools and libraries

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